GAP Audit Worksheet

Throughout this project, our participants are encouraged to make self diary entries discussing certain food safety topics and the GAP certification process. One of the reoccurring themes discussed by participants in their self diaries is the difficulty they have in comprehending and navigating the audit verification sheet.  This confusion causes participants to feel frustrated. In an effort to make the USDA GAP audit more manageable, I’ve put together a GAP audit worksheet that separates the audit content into three sections, Records (logs), Policy/Documents, and Observations.

There are three forms of in which an auditor will be determining conformance on page 3 of the USDA GAP Audit.  They are record, policy, and document. A record will show an action was taken (Records (logs) column in worksheet). A policy or standard operating procedure will be documented in the food safety plan (Policy/Documents column in worksheet). A document can be a combination of a policy in the food safety manual and a record showing an action was taken (These are indicated by # in Policy/Documents column in the worksheet). Thus documents can be a combination of a policy and a record. In the USDA GAP audit, there are several instances where an auditor will need to observe to determine compliance (Observations column in the GAP Audit worksheet document). We encourage any comments/responses to this GAP audit worksheet.


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