Resources sent to Small Farmers

Recent emails to our participants have included several resources to help them create and become more familiar with food safety plans.

Hello Everyone,

As we continue with our project, I will send out links and some attachments to help you create  your food safety documents.
Please remember to change these templates to be specific to your farm.
Make sure you are completing the activities that are included in your food safety plan. Here are some templates for logs.

These links are under the Resources heading to the Right →→→→→

Food Safety Plans

At the bottom of this page there is link for Primus Labs.
You can create a personalized food safety manual for your farm, but you need to become a member and log in. Please read through the instructional steps below or contact your local Cooperative Extension agent to help view an account already created.

Small Farm Mock GAP Audit

This instructional video (13 min) takes small farmers through a mock 3rd Party GAPs certification.

NCDA&CS cost-share grants

N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is offering two cost-share grants to assist farmers with on-farm food safety efforts. Water analysis and GAP certification

GAPs Worker Training Videos

A series of eight videos available in English and Spanish have been created covering the topics of: Worker Health and Hygiene, Hand Washing, Sanitary and Hand Washing Facilities, Cross Contamination, Cleaning and Sanitation Practices, Wash Water Monitoring, Proper Food Safety Practices in the Home, and Infield Practices.

Thank you for your participation.


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